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Letting your child try rice planting is a great way to teach them about nutrition!

Experiences we have as young children and the memories we gain from them last forever. Experiences that improve children’s physical and thinking skills are important. However, teaching children about nutrition from a young age will have a large impact on their lifestyle when they get older. Experiences on the farm will not only become great memories but are a great way for children to learn about nutrition and the food that we eat. In this article, we will discuss how these experiences affect children as well as introduce some popular agriculture experiences and the best season to experience them.

子どもに田植えなど経験させることで食育にもなる! 農業体験のすすめ

What are the benefits of agriculture experiences for children?

●It is a fun way to learn about food and nature
Farming experiences allow children to have fun playing with soil while learning about nature and where our food comes from. For children who live in big cities, this experience with nature is very important. Fruits and vegetables grow like crazy in the Summer and Fall. When children see how much a fruit or vegetable has grown within a few days or even a week they will be really surprised. When learning about nutrition, it is important that it is fun. When children see that growing fruits and vegetables is fun and full of surprises they are more likely to try new fruits and vegetables when they appear on their plate.

●A farming experience is a great hands-on way to learn about nutrition
By participating in the farming process, children learn that our food is created thanks to the hard work of the farmer and manufacturer. Nowadays, many vegetables are sold in packages at the grocery store. It is funny but many children think that food is created already cut up and in packages. Therefore, it is important for children to experience farming hands-on and learn that this is not how fruits and vegetables grow.

Rice planting and Growing Vegetables – What kind of farming experiences are available?

●Rice Planting
Rice planting, planting the small trees and harvesting, is a lot more labor intensive than most fruits and vegetables. Therefore, many farming experiences only focus on one part of the process and one day farming events are popular. Rice planting usually takes place in May and June and harvesting takes place in September. In places like Ibaraki Prefecture and Shiga Prefecture, rice planting events for more than 100 people are often offered during the rice planting season. Some events include workshops on rice and during the off-season they even offer mochi-making and other cultural workshops.

●Cultivating Seasonal Vegetables
Events where children grow their own seasonal vegetables are perfect experiences for summer vacation. Farms in Chiba Prefecture and Saitama Prefecture (and other farms in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area) hold events on a regular basis. The events are also often held in Nerima ward and Hino City, the suburbs of Tokyo. Between January and September, tomato and corn planting and harvesting events are held. During the winter season, root vegetables and leafy vegetables are cultivated. Please research which farms near you hold events. The more children experience the better. Trying a variety of new things during early childhood is a great way for children to discover their likes and strengths. Please participate in as many agriculture events as you can with your children while they are young and help them learn about nature and where our food comes from.

子どもに田植えなど経験させることで食育にもなる! 農業体験のすすめ
Parenting Column(記事)

Is “Cell Phone Babysitting” bad for our children? What should parents be aware of?

The popularity of cell phones has made child-rearing a little easier for parents. With the increase in videos, educational games and child-rearing and discipline applications, parents have a hard time not rely on their phones all the time. Although cell phones are convenient, their popularity has led to an increase in “Cell Phone Babysitting”. Relying too much on the cell phone may negatively affect your child’s development. Also, some cases of child neglect are caused by parents who are paying attention to their cell phone and not their children. In this article, we will cover the negative effects of “Cell Phone Babysitting” that all parents of young children should be aware of.

スマホ子守りは子どもの成長に悪影響? 親子の育児に大切なこととは

What is the current situation of “Cell Phone Babysitting”

“Cell Phone Babysitting” is currently used by parents around the world. The definition is broad and includes situations where parents use the cell phone with their children, situations where parents use the cell phone while child-rearing and situations where parents let their children entertain themselves with their cell phone. Most parents have experienced at least one of these situations. According to the results from one survey, 60% of children between the age of 2 and 6 years old have used a cell phone or tablet. The use of these devices is very helpful for parents when their child is crying or when they are busy with housework. However, doctors and psychologists are pointing out the dangers of “Cell Phone Babysitting”. Let’s explore how the use of the cell phone affects your child’s development.

A Negative Effect of “Cell Phone Babysitting”: Delays in your baby’s development

Using the cell phone as a babysitter may have a negative effect on your baby’s development. According to the Japan Pediatric Association, babies as young as 8 months old can physically use their finger to swipe on the cell phone screen. If children learn how to swipe too early, it may affect how they grasp their toys, turn the pages in a picture book and delay their general physical development. In some cases, cell phone use may lead to delays in language development, less communication and eye contact between parents and children and other developmental delays. If parents rely on the cell phone to help stop their child from crying then they may have problems when they don’t have their cell phone on them.

A Negative Effect of “Cell Phone Babysitting”: Parents Ignoring their Child-Rearing Responsibilities

Let’s be careful, as parents, to not rely too much on our cell phone and forget about our parenting responsibilities. Some education specialists believe that “child neglect due to cell phone use” has been on the rise. In recent years, “child neglect due to cell phone use” has replaced the “pachinko neglect” of the past. An increase in “child neglect due to cell phone use” will lead to a decrease in communication skills and may cause “attachment disorder”. Most parents do not mean to neglect their child but they are too involved with their cell phone to notice it is happening. Cell phones can be very helpful tools for child-rearing but they should not replace a parent’s love for their child.

Cell phone use does not automatically lead to negative effects for the parent and child. Cell phones can also be used in child-rearing to support your child’s development and decrease your burden as a parent which are beneficial to both the parent and the child. It is important for parents to realize child-rearing is based on parent-child communication. Let’s make sure to prevent cell phone use from interfering with the communication between parents and children.

スマホ子守りは子どもの成長に悪影響? 親子の育児に大切なこととは

Special Summer Plan 10 Class Pass

Join us for our special, Summer Only 10 Class Pass at our Motoazabu, Jiyugaoka and Lalaport Yokohama sites between 6/5 and 9/10. During this period, customers will be able to attend 10 classes of their choice for a special discounted price. Please refer to the site-specific flyers below for details.

Motoazabu & Jiyugaoka(PDF)
Lalaport Yokohama(PDF)


夏季特別プラン 回数チケット 10クラス・パス




Join us for our popular Summer School!

Join us for our popular Summer School! During our bilingual program, children will develop their cognitive, physical and social skills while they play. Participation is on a weekly basis, so it is perfect for families who cannot commit to a weekly lesson this summer due to vacations and other activities. Don’t miss this opportunity to help your child gain independence and experience separating from mommy before the next school year! Please contact your local site for pricing and registration information.

learn more(PDF)



ジンボリーの英語中心のプログラムでは、お子様が遊びながら「各年齢に応じた成長・発達の大切なポイント」や「就学準備」を自然に身につけていくことができます。 1週間毎にご参加頂けますので遠くて毎週通うのは難しい、既に夏休みの予定が入っている、母子分離のプログラムを試して見たい、そんなご家族にぴったりのサマープランです。



Preschool Steps:

Come and try our Preschool Steps program, which is perfect for families who would like to start separation from mommy at a slow pace. We have included a 30-minute separation time with music activities and games during the second half of the class to keep your child busy in a fun environment. After the separation time, mommy and child come back together for our popular bubbles and parachute time.
(Only offered at our Motoazabu and Jiyugaoka sites.)

Music Skills:

Come and try out our Music Skills program, which is perfect for families who would like their children to learn the foundations of music from a musician. Children will learn about musical scales, pitch and how to read music while playing fun musical games. At the end, they can even try to play their favorite tune on our keyboards. This class is targeted at older children (3.5-6yrs old).
(Only offered at our Motoazabu and Jiyugaoka sites.)

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