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We will be closed for the Golden Week Holiday!

Our Motoazabu and Jiyugaoka Gymboree Play & Music locations will be closed from 4/29(Sat) – 5/5(Fri), our Lalaport Yokohama location will be closed from 4/29(Sat) – 5/3(Wed) and our Sapporo location will be closed from 4/29(Sat) – 5/8(Mon) for the Golden Week holiday. We hope you and your family have a safe and fun holiday. We are looking forward to seeing you again after the holiday!

Parenting Column(記事)

How can we prevent the declining reading comprehension rates among children from a young age?

The Ministry of Education and teachers around the country have sent out a warning in recent years about the decline in reading comprehension among elementary school students. Many students cannot comprehend the questions on written tests and therefore hand in a blank piece of paper. Your child may be in the same situation, when he/she gets to elementary school. It is important for parents to take action as soon as possible to prevent this from happening.

低下している子どもの「読解力」 小さなうちから行いたい対策は?

Read plenty of picture books to your child

Reading is the best way to improve your child’s reading comprehension. However, it is hard for young children to read books on their own. In order for children to get in the habit of reading, it is important that parents read picture books to their children on a daily basis from a very young age. Only a few minutes a day is effective and repeating the same book is fine. The most important thing is that you continue to read on a daily basis. After hearing the same book more than once, children will begin to relate to the characters and what happens in their lives and be able to come up with stories on their own.

Find your child’s favorite book

Go to the library and/or bookstore with your child and help him/her find a book that he/she likes. Make sure to read it with him/her over and over again at home. Reading the same book will help your child’s reading comprehension improve. It is OK if it is a picture book or comic as long as it has a storyline that is easy to follow. Finding their favorite book will help them overcome their fear that they are not good at reading.

Keep lots of different kinds of books at home

It is nice to go with your child to visit the library. However, it is also important to have lots of books around at home and encourage a lifestyle full of books and reading. Giving your child the opportunity to live around books will help them develop a curiosity towards books and reading. When they are not interested in books with lots of words and sentences it is OK to start with comics and picture books. Four panel comics have a detailed story composition and development that helps improve a child’s reading comprehension.

Encourage your child to think for him/herself

When children don’t understand something, they will ask their mom or dad. Instead of answering their question right away, it is important to give them some time to think about the answer on their own. This will encourage them to think about why things happen and the reasons behind certain actions on their own. However, young children cannot come up with the answers to hard problems on their own. It is a good idea to give them hints and help them come up with the answers together.

It is important for parents to set an example and read in front of their children

A main reason for the decrease in reading comprehension of children in recent years is the loss of interest in books or literature among young people. With fewer young people and adults making it a habit of reading on a daily basis in recent years, it is not a surprise that reading comprehension is decreasing among students.

Parents can help stop this decrease by offering an environment where children are encouraged to listen to books from a young age. If reading is made a daily activity at home, it will be harder for children to lose interest.

Children often follow their parents’ lead, so it is important that they see their parents reading books. This will lead children to think that reading is fun and an activity that they want to learn how to do as well. Enjoying books and reading as a family will help improve your child’s reading comprehension.

低下している子どもの「読解力」 小さなうちから行いたい対策は?




5月21日(日)15:00~17:00 ベビーイベント(対象:生後6-12ヵ月) 定員22名


6月4日(日)15:00~17:00 ベビーイベント(対象:生後6-12ヵ月) 定員16名


6月3日(土)15:30~17:30 ベビーイベント(対象:生後6-16ヵ月) 定員20名


Please join us for one of our upcoming events!

Our upcoming events at all our Tokyo area locations will be held as follows:


5/21(Sun) 15:00 – 17:00 Baby Event (For 6-12 month olds) Max: 22 families


6/4(Sun) 15:00 – 17:00 Baby Event (For 6-12 month olds) Max: 16 families

Lalaport Yokohama: 

6/3(Sat) 15:30 – 17:30 Baby Event (For 6-16 month olds) Max: 20 families

Parenting Column(記事)

What are the benefits of origami? How can the art style be performed successfully?

“Origami” has been popular with Japanese children for many years. The art style has also gained popularity abroad in recent years. Origami is not only fun but is also beneficial to a child’s development. In this article, we will explore the benefits of origami and how children can perform the art style successfully.

折り紙は育児に効果アリ!? 折り紙がもたらすメリットと上手な遊び方

The benefits of origami

・Use of one’s fingers improves fine motor skills and brain development
When doing origami we use our fingers to create specific shapes out of paper. The ability to skillfully move one’s fingers to create detailed objects is important for a child’s development. Children who are good with their fingers tend to be good at sports and have good rhythm. Also, since our peripheral nerves are centered in our fingertips, they are often called our “second brain”. Using our fingertips to make detailed origami sends signals to our brain making the activity a great form of training for our brain.

・Develops imagination and a sense of color
Origami requires children to figure out how to reach the final product, which encourages them to use their imagination. Also, since we often use many different colors of paper when creating an object, the image often changes depending on the color used.

・Improves concentration and spatial awareness
When creating origami, we use our fingertips to create detailed objects. This helps improve concentration. It also requires us to fold various sides of the paper at once, which helps children study math. Using a high level of concentration to fold various sides of the paper also improves spatial awareness.sides of the paper also improves spatial awareness.

How can we help our children play successfully with origami?

・Show them an example of the finished product and how it is created
Although it is important for children to think by themselves, creating an origami from scratch can be very difficult. When children cannot complete the origami correctly they may get upset and give up. In this situation, it is a good idea for parents to show their child what the finished product looks like and help them follow the directions. Showing children colorful and beautiful origami will make them more interested in making origami on their own. Displaying the origami they created in the living room is a great form of praise and will encourage them to create more.

・Start with simple origami (like those with only 2 folds)
At the beginning, no one can make a difficult origami by him/herself. So it is a good idea to start with easy origami and then move on to more difficult ones. Even with simple origami you can create a triangle and various other shapes. At first, it is important for children to learn that origami is fun and how to correctly fold the paper.

・Encourage your child to have a ense of accomplishment
It is important to let your child choose the color/type of origami paper and what they want to make. Children will get excited when they see lots of colored paper and styles so make sure to prepare many different kinds. When children begin to make the various styles on their own they will gain a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. This will want them to go ahead and make more origami. will want them to go ahead and make more origami.

Making origami fun is the best way to encourage children to create shapes on their own

Although the activity is said to be beneficial to a child’s development, origami is a type of play so it should be fun. At the beginning, think of it as an opportunity for parent-child communication. However, it is important not to forget that it has to be fun.

Given its many benefits, origami is an activity that all families should enjoy. Please take the time to work on the shapes together and encourage your child to enjoy making origami now and in the future.

折り紙は育児に効果アリ!? 折り紙がもたらすメリットと上手な遊び方
Parenting Column(記事)

Which form of discipline is more effective: “time out” or “time in”?

Parents scold their children when they are mischievous or throw a tantrum. Some parents worry about how they should discipline their child when he/she acts up. “Time out” and “time in” are two discipline methods that often come up. In this article, we will cover both methods in detail.

What is “time out”?

“Time out” is a discipline method that has been widely used in the US for many years. When a child does something wrong or has a tantrum, he/she is asked to sit in a corner of the room or go to a different room by him/herself for a short period of time. After sitting by him/herself for a little while, the adult will ask the child if he/she knows why he/she got a “time out” and if they can’t answer, the adult will explain in a simple manner.

・Benefit of using “time out”
When a child does something bad it forces him/her to reflect on the action and prevents the parent and child from getting too emotional.

・Demerit of using “time out”
The use of “time out” may cause the child to think that their mom and dad do not like them, which will lead to fear and insecurity toward their parents. Also children who are used to getting “time out” will learn that if they sit quietly it will be OK and the discipline method will become ineffective.
In recent years, an opposite discipline method, called “time in” has begun to gain interest.

What is “time in”?

In this method, parents are encouraged to sit close to their child and listen to their child’s reason for performing the action. The “time in” discipline method is the total opposite approach to the “time out” discipline method where parents scold their child and give him/her a punishment. When the child calms down, the parent and child reflect on why the child’s action was wrong and what they can do to prevent the same action in the future.

・Benefit of using “time in”
Using the “time in” discipline method helps children form a trustful relationship with their parent and encourages them to reflect on their actions in a comfortable environment. Being able to converse quietly after your child has had a temper tantrum takes a lot of patience. However, scolding a child and giving him a punishment like sending them to their room will cause them to feel alienated and fear their parents. When children are behaving poorly it is often because they are trying to get their parent’s attention. It is important for parents to be calm and listen to what they have to say. It will help them reflect on their actions and find out the reason for the bad behavior.

・Demerit of using “time in”
Compared to the “time out” method, the “time in” method requires more of the parents’ time. When using this method, parents also have to remain calm no matter how emotional their child becomes. This may lead to additional stress for parents. It is important for parents to think of ways to relieve their daily stress so that they are able to concentrate on their children when needed.

Let’s show our love when disciplining our children!

In recent years, the “time in” discipline method, during which parents sit with their children and help them reflect on their actions, has become more popular. After having a temper tantrum, it is common for children to ignore what their parents say and do what they want to do. It is easy for parents to get angry and scold their child but acting calm will help lead to a better parent-child relationship. It is sometimes important for children to reflect on their actions alone. However, it is also important that parents show their love and help their child solve the problem/issue they are dealing with.

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