Gymboree Parenting Column

Does a child’s posture affect his/her grades in school? Here are some tips for improving your child’s posture before it is too late.

姿勢が勉強の成績に影響する? 子どもの姿勢を改善するコツ

How is your child’s everyday posture? Many children roll up their backs in a cat pose or rest their chin on their hands. Actually, research shows that one’s...

The famous Japanese standardized university entrance exams will change in 2020 – with the addition of an intense English section!

2020年センター試験が変わる! 英語が重視される「評価テスト」

The Japanese university entrance exams are expected to change extensively from 2020, the year of the Tokyo Olympics. The Ministry of Education is considerin...

What is your child’s dream for the future? Which skill sets are necessary for the AI (artificial intelligence) era?

子どもの将来の夢は? AI時代に身に着けておきたいスキルとは

Most parents want their children to choose a career that will enable them to lead a good life in the future. However, our world is changing quickly and in c...